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We offer strength and conditioning training to those athletes who qualify. We operate out of South River, NJ. This is a private program with limited space available. So we want to make sure that we are accepting the right candidate.

Those who are accepted into the program must qualify 1st step by writing an email why they are a good fit for the program not just saying they want to be bigger, faster, stronger. That’s the obvious, we want you to dig deeper.

2nd step   parents also need to email as well and saying that they are committed to this as well and what they would like their athletes to receive from this training , like 1st step not just to improve their children’s athletic ability. Like many areas in life you always need support, and with support from parents the athletes will excel at their training and sports and in their life.

The 3rd step is to come in for a free trial workout, parents are urged to come and watch as well.

Upon the conclusion we will evaluate your performance and see if you had what it takes to become part of the strength rebel nation.

There is limited space for this program. Take action now.

Become a part of a growing community.  The prices are below and are non-negotiable.

Twice a week
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Thrice a week
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At the time of startup date your 3 months starts . There will be no counting session, the responsibility is on you to show up and put in the work which will guarantee results when you do.

Results Guaranteed!!!

We train in a semi private group setting, 3-4 athletes at a time. This helps build a competitive atmosphere and makes the athletes work harder to obtain better results. The groups are kept to a smaller size to have a more focused environment so that each athlete will receive the most attention.

If you utilize three sessions a week, it breaks down to approximately $16 each. That is more affordable than a fancy facility in our area, which will never guarantee results.