Strengthening Your Children

Parents, you have come to the right place and have the understanding of what it takes to reach the next level of success. With a supportive parent like you and smart coaching; the sky is the limit. At Strength Rebel, we train your children to:

  • Achieve the highest level of success
  • Reach their maximum potential in sports and in life
  • Use best tools possible to reach their goals
  • Commit to take the journey with your children no matter where it takes you and watch them succeed.

What is Strength Rebel?

Strength Rebel provides the coaching to help your child reach his/her maximum athletic performance.

We are a private gym that provides strength and conditioning training using various proven methods to make your son or daughter the best athlete he/she can become. We do train differently at a basement. So, if you are looking for a big fancy facility, then this not for you. But if you are looking for smart hardcore training and seeking results, then you are at the right place.

Results Guaranteed!!!

Raising a Champion

Take a moment and close your eyes . Picture in your mind your son or daughter standing with their hand raised receiving an After the thunderous noise calms down from an intense match you see your child standing there with their hand raised and the one who came out on top. For a moment you feel as if though you won as well, knowing that you stood behind them all the way.  It is at this moment all of the hard work and suffering is minimal to the result.  This moment will never be forgotten by either one of you. An event like this is life changing and will make positive changes in everyone and carry over into their life and yours.

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